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Re: fallback bridge posted 10/10/2006
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Fallback bridging works only for non-routed protocols, not IP.

this chapter describes how to configure fallback bridging (VLAN
bridging) on your Catalyst 3550 switch. With fallback bridging, you
can forward non-IP packets that the switch does not route between VLAN
bridge domains and routed ports.


On 10/10/06, Naveed Khan <naveed_k@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Fallback bridge doesn't work. I configure a virtual interface and routed port.

interface Vlan11
 ip address
 bridge-group 1
bridge 1 protocol vlan-bridge
int fa0/2
no sw
bridge-group 1
Rack1R2(config)#int e0/0
Rack1R2(config-if)#ip add

Rack1SW1#sh bridge Br Group Mac Address State Type Ports -------- ----------- ----- ---- ----- 1 0007.856c.48c0 Forward DYNAMIC Fa0/2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

when I try to ping ip each other no reply comes. pls let me know where I am
doing mistake.


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