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RE: LAN QoS posted 10/09/2006
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What kind of phones are you using?  Do they tag their packets with any
CoS as they exit the phone and enter the network?

Vince Mashburn
Voice / Data Engineer
CCVP, CCNP, CCDA,Network +
Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist
Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist

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Was wondering if anyone could assist. I am wanting to attach non-Cisco 
handsets to a Cisco lan consisting of 3560 access layer switches.

I would like to some input as to what Qos template I could use to
the access switches.
I was thinking of using autoqos. auto qos voip cisco-phone. The trouble
think with this is the switch uses CDP to discover the handset to apply
required marking and queuing mechanisms. If the switch does not discover
phone it classifies all traffic as best-effort.

What would be the best LAN qos solution for non Cisco devices ?

Is it possible to do the classification using MQC per port. so creating 
acl's for signalling and RTP and manually marking the traffic ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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