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RE: IPS posted 10/02/2006
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They're each a different method of doing the same thing.  The management is
different between the two, but neither one is incredibly difficult.
Juniper/Netscreen did the inline concept before Cisco did, but that's all
the fun of competition.

For consulting clients, I have installed more Cisco IDS/IPS systems.  At
home, I run the Juniper/Netscreen IDP.

You'd be better off working with your sales folks for both companies there
and bringing in a demo of each of them.  Like most things it generally boils
down to which you happen to like better as the features typically wind up
being fairly close (again, good part of competition).


Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, JNCIE
#153, CISSP, et al.
IPExpert VP - Curriculum Development
IPExpert Sr. Technical Instructor

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We are currently evaluating Cisco and Juniper's IPS solution. I tried
researching different websites but can not find any good website that
compares them in detail.
Does anyone know of good articles/papers that compares these two products.
Also anyone in here who has experience with these products, would like to
provide any information such as how their experience has been that would be

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