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Re: OT - Booting 3640 router from PCMCIA flash cards posted 10/02/2006
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From my experience with 1600 series, one can combine Flash card and no -removable Flash to get a continuous file system.

Kingston says there is 16Mb maximum supported with Flash card, but 32 with Flash module for 3640.

But MemoryDealers sell 20Mb Flash card for 3640


CCIEin2006 wrote:
Does anyone have experience booting a cisco 3640 from PCMCIA flash cards?

Can you tell me what is the largest size PCMCIA card that will work with the

Also if I were to use two 16MB PCMCIA flash cards can I install a 32MB IOS
on it or does the IOS treat them as two separate file systems?

Thanks in advance.

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