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Re: IE VOL1 LAB7 Q. 8.3 Strange behavior posted 10/01/2006
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with this commands you are configuring the LMI DLCIs (1023 to Cisco or 0 to Ansi / q933) with the DE bit...

In the solution, the service policy is applied in a map-class, that was used in just one DLCI.......



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Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:21 AM
Subject: IE VOL1 LAB7 Q. 8.3 Strange behavior

I am having an interesting behavior here.

For the ones that don't have IE Labs, question simply asks to set all the traffic other than dscp CS5 with frame relay DE bit.

I am doing this with a service-police (also checked the answers). The problem is that as soon as I apply this service policy to the interface I loose LMI connectivty and PVC comes down.

Any ideas ?

class-map match-all CS5
match  dscp cs5

policy-map CS5
class CS5
class class-default
 set fr-de

int se 0/0
service-policy out CS5

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