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Re: Need advice on redrawing network diagram posted 09/25/2006
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              The trick is not that the diagrams are cryptic in the exam, its that they cannot be changed. When you do the actual lab you cannont make notes on the actual diagrams. Making a copy of the network diagram & reviewing the questions allows you to attack the exam knowing what is to come. You would hardly want to complete half the exam to realise that a requirement half way in has you changing the way OSPF works, or changing your trunking protocols etc. 
              If you make a copy of the diagrams provided you can add details to the diagram from your review of the questions which will help you in the lab for example:
   You can add any missing IP Addressing, DLCI Information, OPSF Area info  
   You can document tunnels, they are generally not in the main diagram.  
   You can document access lists points so you don't accidently block routing protocols or needed protocols etc...  
   You can show points to redistribute, and good points to set the OSPF DR, BDR & DROTHER routers.
             If you read the entire exam and copy the diagram adding notes this will save you overall time in the exam. It will also allow you to see the hard parts of the exam when you are fresh in the morning allowing you to think through solutions well before you get to the problems or challenges in the LAB. By the afternoon you may not be thinking well enough to see this and it helps to think through your solution when you are fresh.

Michael Zuo <mzuo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hi Group,

I've read from multiple threads that people recommend spending first
20-30 minute of the lab test to read thru all the questions and re-draw
the network diagram. Would this be for visualizing the network in your
head or there is more to it? I find that diagrams in various vendor lab
workbooks fairly straightforward to follow throughout the labs. Am I
missing something important?

Thanks in advance...

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