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Re: Ipexpert R&S workbook v.8 Section 23 Multiprotocol challenge posted 09/25/2006
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Yes... if it doesn't explicitly state a process #, AS#, encapsulation... and
so on... then use what ever you want... the exam is graded on the end

So if it states that you have to put the frame-relay into ospf area 0...
they might check it with a sho ip ospf... and make sure you have that
interface in area 0.


On 9/24/06, Tandou Mohamed <dtandou@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello All,
> i am doing the above lab the diagram is showing an ospf between R2 and R5
> but there is no where in the lab what process to use or what encapsulation
> to use. i read through the all lab i don't see  anything about or are we
> supposed to choose any process we want? please advise
> thanks,
> TM
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