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Re: CCIE Home Lab posted 09/24/2006
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This link helped my quite a bit.

I was able to get a host of 26xx's and a number of 3620's.  The big expense
is the 3560 switches which will be needed at the beginning of the year.  But
like many say, get what you can, and rent a rack for what you can not get.

Sohail B

On 9/24/06, Scott Ralph <scottralph@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All
> Just looking into getting a home CCIE lab together as from what I
> understand
> it is a huge benefit to get. From what I understand get ti then sell it
> when
> you are done? Also what price range am I looking at? What is the minimum
> equipment I would need?
> Thanks
> --
> Scott Ralph
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