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VPN backup route question posted 09/21/2006
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I am trying out a scenario that I don't think is possible to solve but I
was wondering if I could get someone in the group to look this over.

I have a lab with 3 routers. Routers A and B act as VPN remote routers
to router C. There is connectivity between routers A and B via a switch.
Both A and B have an IPSEC tunnel to router C to reach a network behind
router C. I would like to set it up so that if router A loses the tunnel
but still has connectivity to router B that it can re-route traffic to
router B so the traffic still flows to router C. I know you can do this
with OSPF over GRE/IPSEC however I don't want to do it this way. Don't
floating static routes get ignored in the decision making process for
routing VPN traffic?