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OSPF FR adjacency question posted 09/17/2006
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Hello all,
I'm sure this question comes up all the time, but i've had a quick look
through the archive and could find a previous posting.
I'd like your opinion on the following scenario (hub & spoke over FR, single
		     /   \
		    /     \
		Spoke1   Spoke2

- Hub has point-to-multipoint interface (in both ospf and FR and has FR
broadcast to spokes)
- Spokes have point-to-point interfaces (in both ospf and FR and has
interface-dlci to hub)

By default this configuration will not build an adjacency because of
different hello timers. Which of the following solutions (or others if you
have them) do you think is the "prefered" way to set up OSPF adjancencies in
this scenario?

1. Change hello time on both spokes to 30 secs.
2. Change hello time on hub to 10 secs.
3. Change the ospf network type on spokes to point-to-multipoint