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RE: First 5 digits going to Peru :) posted 09/17/2006
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Hey Man Indeed a Touching Victory over the demon with 9 routers,2 switches.

Cheers!! All the best.....


From: "Gianpietro Lavado" <gianpietro1@xxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: "Gianpietro Lavado" <gianpietro1@xxxxxxxxx>
To: "Cisco certification" <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: First 5 digits going to Peru :)
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 09:56:38 -0500

Hello all!

 Finally, after my 3rd attempt, and thanks to God, yesterday I got my
R&S number.  I would like to share some of my experience with you.

Just before my first attempt at Brazil I thought I was ready, and indeed I
came very close to passing (so close that I asked for a reread, well, you
know the result). I think this time I did not paid enough attention to the
questions. Other thing I did not do this time was getting more help from
the proctor, everytime I were ALMOST sure of what they asked me for, it was
enough for me (wrong!!).

After one month and a half, I went to my second attempt at RTP. A very
nice place and all, I thought I had performed well enough in the exam; but I
obtained a lower score than in my first attempt! imagine the frustration...
This time I paid more attention to the wording, but, analyzing later, I
think that I might have had a problem with connectivity somewhere after an
important change I made in the last minutes, maybe that brought me down :S
Also, I don't not why, again, I did not asked much help from the proctors!
still wondering why :(

 My third attempt (at Brazil again) was not easier, but I did not made the
previous mistakes this time, I read carefully each task and considered the
proctor my friend.  At this point I can recommend you some tips for the lab
that worked for me: Read carefully each task before starting the lab; use
TCLSH and macros for testing connectivity faster; arrive with an strategy
(practice it before, have an order for doing things); the redraw of the
topology is very important too; feel comfortable asking the proctor if you
are not sure what they are asking for (important); keep track of the
complete and incomplete tasks as you go; finally, do what they ask.

The material I used and found very useful in my last-stage preparation was:
- Before 1st attempt: IE workbook v3.0 vol 1 & 2, IE Class on Demand and
IE mock lab.
- Before 2nd attempt: NMC CheckITs, 1 CCIE Assesor lab and GS.
- Before final attempt: some review labs from IE WB v3.0, 1 NMC CheckIT
and GS!!
All these resources were excellent! Also building a lab of my own was
vital, preparing a course for my colleagues about routing protocols helped
very much too.

I would like to mention that I wrote most of this mail (including everything
but the last 4 digits of my number) more than one week before the big day.
That helped me visualize this moment and gain extra confidence for the
exam :D (this may be another tip)

I am not a regular active participant of this list, but I want to thank you
all, and very much, for helping me out with your postings.  Special thanks
to the following members of this list (most of them do not have idea of how
much their postings helped me, most of them do not know me either!): Victor
Cappuccio (mucha suerte pana, lo vas a lograr!!), Scott Morris, Brian
Dennis, Brian McGahan, Sabrina Pittarel, Jim Ferens and Anthony Sequeira.

I'll stick around. Best wishes and good luck to all!

Gianpietro Lavado Chiarella
CCIE R&S #16862
Lima, Peru

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