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RE: InternetworkExpert Ver3 Lab 13 Task 4.2 RIP posted 08/31/2006
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The router sends and receives if the interface is included in a network
statement - (not too sure about applying the ACL to the router process
in a distribute list to achieve the block advertisement) - however this
questions is a similar situation to OSPF if they said make sure the
network doesn't belong to any one area -(Type 5) -
redistribute connected :-)

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I'm not sure absolutely about RIP, but in OSPF distribute-list in deny
install routes in FIB and install all received LSA in OSPFDB. May be you
need apply access-group to the interface.

On Thursday 31 August 2006 13:33, tonynguyenchi wrote:
> Dear Group,
> The task requires: configure R4 to advertise the (F0/0) 
> subnet via RIP, but do not send and receive RIP update on this
> Can I do this as the following:
> router rip
>  version 2
>  passive-interface FastEthernet0/0
>  network
>  network
>  network
>  distribute-list BLOCK_RIP in FastEthernet0/0  no auto-summary !
> ip access-list standard BLOCK_RIP
>  deny  any
> Thanks and best regards,
> Tony
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