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RE: Connectivity at network boarders posted 08/29/2006
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With regards question (2), personally I think that ping isn't always a
great tool to test reachability - there's really no way of knowing if
ping is blocked along the path (speaking real-world here, rather than
lab, I know).

Especially in your scenario, when you have no knowledge of the hosts
available, "show ip route <route>" on the border router would suffice
IMHO. Unless you know a specific host, I doubt that you'd be expected to
ping the entire range.

What I'd do, if given a specific destination, say, is try to
ping that destination. If that works, and you are expected to route to
the entire /24, then do a "show ip route". You should find
that the route taken is a /24.

With question (1) I'd say it depends on the scenario. Ask the proctor
for clarification on your requirements.

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i'm playing with redistribution and trying to solve questions from the
workbook. When they want redistribution and state

"to obtain reachability to all advertised networks"

does that mean, also to networks from neighbors BB1, BB2, BB3 or
do they only mean full reachability among the internal routing

In some cases this works and in others not. I would say, it depens
on the BB Routers. They need a route back to the "internal" network.

As i know, i have no access at all to the BB routers, i would say, i
provide reachability there, i can only check if routers are reachable
at the network boarder.
So if i can ping BB1 from a boarder router next to, but can not ping
the internal network, or a traceroute stops at the boarder, i can't do
much more. Is that right? Or is therer more to check and to do?

Also, sometimes they distribute routes into the network like: How would i know to check reachability? Do
i habe to "test" all ip addresses from How to
i find out which address to test?

Thanks in advance.


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