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Re: voice and access vlan posted 08/24/2006
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This information is great. I couldn't find any clear explaination from 
Cisco. Do you have any reference on the switchport mode that will decide 
which will the data vlan be used?

James Ventre <messageboard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
08/24/2006 09:48 PM

Chee Chew Leong/ASIA/CSC@xxx
Re: voice and access vlan

Well, you haven't specified "switchport mode access", so the default 
port state is desirable.   If it forms a trunk, the data vlan will be 
200, if DTP didn't form a trunk, it'll be 100


Chee Chew Leong wrote:
> >From the documents, if i have the following configuration such like 
> interface f0/0
>  switchport access vlan 100
>  switchport trunk native vlan 200
>  siwtchport voice vlan 300
> Which vlan will carry the data traffic?
> Which vlan will carry voice traffic (obviously vlan 300)?