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Re: CCNA carrer posted 08/24/2006
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Back when the CCIE was the only certification you could get maybe this makes sense. However starting from the ground up makes more sense, why not get a good base and build your way up the pyramid?

You'll have gaps in your knowledge if you dont get a good base. In my view, being a CCIE is more than knowing about protocols and being able to find things on the DOC CD.

I wouldnt say that MCSE or COMPTIA certs are jokes, maybe to some people. But others have to start somewhere, might as well be there. Many people (including myself) started at MCSE and graduated along the path.


Joshua Lauer



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Why go for CCNA or CCNP jump in with both feet and go for the CCIE - learn all you can about the protocols and become expert at finding things on the documentation cd - You should be able to find any given topic within ten minutes. comptia and MCSE is a joke as far as employability , IMO
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