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RE: CCIE #16755 posted 08/22/2006
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Excellent....Way to go...

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Jim Ferens
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 3:31 PM
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Subject: CCIE #16755

It was a long journey but I finally passed yesterday at RTP. This was my
9th attempt at the lab. The last four attempts I felt confident walking
out only to receive that dreaded email and after logging in to find out
I had failed again. This last attempt I was much more relaxed and
completed everything but 2 questions by lunch. After lunch I finished
those up, ran TCLSH scripts, and rechecked everything. I was completed
by 2PM. I almost gave up about 3 months ago but now I'm glad I didn't. I
started out with IPExpert, using their workbook and moved to the
NetMasterClass DoIT Labs. They were the key factor in helping me get
over the hump to pass.

Best advice I can give is stick to it. I'm not the brightest or the
quickest, but I'm persistent. That is the key. A lot of practice. For
the last 6 months I've studied 2-3 hours each night and at least 18
hours over the weekend. Doing lab after lab, changing up the labs,
trying new things, knowing the DocCD inside and out.  My wife has been
wonderful through out all of this. That helped the most. (Also having
the equipment made a lot of difference. Ebay was my friend!!!)

Good luck to everyone still on track and thank you to everyone that has
contributed to the group. GroupStudy helped in answering a lot of my
questions and opened my eyes to some things I never would have though

Jim Ferens , CCIE (R&S) #16755
Network Engineer
Tier Technologies, Inc

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