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RE: Unframed traffic in g703 format posted 08/22/2006
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In a framed scenario one of the 64Kb channels is used for signalling, so
you are left with 1984Kb for data. In unframed or clear channel you have
the full 2Mb for data. It does work with PPP, I have run clear channels
on Cisco kit. 

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Subject: Unframed traffic in g703 format


Could anybody explain me what is this unfraimed traffic for data in g703
format?? (For ex. vwic-mft-g703 or nm-e1 channelized)??
How does it function?? There is really no signalling on such a link?
Could a connection ppp be really established withouth the lcp phase??

Could you explain please on the ppp example?? The best would be if
anybody could send a link about the theory of g703. Because I just can't
understand how this functions from any datasheet.


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