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Re: CCIE Voice Lab PSTN Simulator posted 08/22/2006
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We are using a router with NM-HDV & VWIC-2MFT-T1.  (2xPVDM-12)  It is 
configured for Network Side.  It routes calls POTS - POTS via DID DPs.  It 
also runs Gatekeeper and provides VOIP call routing.  Learned a lot 
getting that tweaked up to behave like I want it to!

It would be nice if I had an extra NM slot , HDV & VWIC and could expand 
this beyond 2 sites.  Currently to get PSTN connection to third site I 
have to move a wire and lose connection on one of the other sites.


Jeffrey Golia
Tac Engineer (Converged Technology Services)
Verizon Business
Tel # 1-800-993-2264
email : Jeff.S.Golia@xxxxxxxxxxx

"Neil Moore" <neil@xxxxxxxxxx> 
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08/19/2006 09:20 AM
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Re: CCIE Voice Lab PSTN Simulator

Godswill Oletu wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> What do you guys use to simulator a true PSTN environment in your CCIE 
> Home practice lab? I have seen a couple of PRI ISDN simulators on ebay
> promising alot. However, I do not know if they will deliver in terms of 
> B channels configuration on the router interface and the other nice 
things we
> have come to love in the true PSTN environment and expect in the CCIE
> (Voice).
> I do not know if the second question fall in the realm of NDA, though I 
> it but if you feel it does, please ignore. The CCIE (Voice) blue print 
> states 'IP Phones' there is no indication of the type of phones viz: 
> 7970, 7960, 7940, 7935, 7912, 7910, 7902, etc the list goes on with the 
> versions.
> It will be nice to know what is actually tested on the Lab [I have 
myself to
> blame for this, while at San Jose for my CCIE (R&S), the phones were 
> there on the desk, but the heat of the moment, did not allow one to peak 
> the models]. I have a couple of 7960s & 7940s and intend buying some 
7912 or
> 7910s, do one really need that conference phone (7935)?
> I am in the process of putting my CCIE (Voice) Home Lab together, your 
> will be appreciated.
> Any advice will be appreciated.
> Godswill Oletu
> CCIE #16464(R&S).
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Subscription information may be found at: 
I used vconsole's simulator for my voice run.

Subscription information may be found at: