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RE: Per-Port Per-VLAN marking posted 08/20/2006
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The per-port per-VLAN QoS feature enables you to specify different QoS
configurations on different VLANs on a given interface.  You will need
to embed your class-map that mathches all in your class map that matches
the vlan, such as 

access-list 1 permit any

class-map match-all ANY
   match access-group 1
class-map match-all VLAN
   match vlan  5
   match class-map ANY
policy-map VLAN_IP
   class VLAN
    set precedence 4

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Sent: Saturday, August 19, 2006 9:48 PM
To: CCIE Groupstudy
Subject: Per-Port Per-VLAN marking

Hi all,

I had the following challange...

On a switch (3550) mark all incoming traffic from VLAN x with precedence
As I understand I should use per-port per-vlan marking
Right now I configure 

class-map match-all PREC4
	match vlan X
policy-map PREC
	class PREC4
	set ip precedence 4

when I apply this policy-map to a interface on a switch assume fa0/6 the
map would be rejected because I need another one more statement under
class-map config. This is what I understand.
So I configure an access-list 101 and with match access-group I apply it
as an additional statement into the class map
But right now I'm not sure if this really works...
Maybe anyone here had anything like this configured an can send an
example ??!


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