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RE: Lock and Key Access List posted 08/20/2006
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Did you try entering the command as is?

I can't go into to many details, but let me just say that I had the same
issue and just entered the command and it took. I never went back and looked
up why it appeared to be a hidden command but since I passed I had no real
motivation to go back :)

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Subject: Lock and Key Access List

Hi all,

today I want to configure a dynamik acl.
Following the cco doc I should configure 

line vty 0
login local
autocommand access-enable timeout 5
-->> this is not possible 
see the output below..

Rack1R3(config-line)#autocommand ?
  LINE                    Appropriate EXEC command
  no-suppress-linenumber  Display service linenumber message

Rack1R3(config-line)#autocommand-options ?
  abort-character  Autocommand abort character
  delay            Delay autocommand execution
  nohangup         No hangup after autocommand completion

So where can I set the idle timeout ??
And also why should I configure access-group in at the ethernet
interface ? 
I only want to restrict access on the line vty 0 4


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