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RE: "police" command posted 08/15/2006
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U can use Google to do this translation, for study purposes

1 Bytes                --> 8 Bits
2 MB = 2 000 000 Bytes --> X Bits


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De: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] En nombre de Hash
Enviado el: Martes, 15 de Agosto de 2006 04:55 p.m.
Para: Group Study (E-mail)
Asunto: "police" command

Hello GS ,

I have a Question on Policing , i am a little bit confused concerning the
notation of the units and values used in the "police" command.

assuming you are told to limit 2.0Mbyte of data, how will one go about
chaging it to conform to the values and units for the police command.

r1(config-pmap-c)#police cir ?
  <8000-2000000000>  Bits per second
  percent            % of interface bandwidth for Committed information rate

this indicates that it is in bits per second , meaning that the 2MB will be

2000000 bytes
and in bits will be 2000000/8 = 250000bits
2 097 152
am i right or am i missing something.




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