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RE: generating SNMP traps to graph the VIP processes of 7500 posted 08/14/2006
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Look at this , might be the IOS doesn't support traps for cpu.

Router(config)#snmp-server enable traps ?
  aaa_server   Enable SNMP AAA Server traps
  atm          Enable SNMP atm traps
  bgp          Enable BGP state change traps
  bstun        Enable SNMP BSTUN traps
  casa         Enable SNMP casa traps
  channel      Enable SNMP channel traps
  cnpd         Enable NBAR Protocol Discovery traps
  config       Enable SNMP config traps
  config-copy  Enable SNMP config-copy traps
  dial         Enable SNMP dial control traps
  dlsw         Enable SNMP dlsw traps
  dnis         Enable SNMP DNIS traps
  entity       Enable SNMP entity traps
  envmon       Enable SNMP environmental monitor traps
  frame-relay  Enable SNMP frame-relay traps
  fru-ctrl     Enable SNMP entity FRU control traps
  hsrp         Enable SNMP HSRP traps
  if-monitor   Enable SNMP if-monitor traps
  ima          Enable SNMP ATM IMA traps
  ipmobile     Enable SNMP ipmobile traps
  ipmulticast  Enable SNMP ipmulticast traps
  ipsec        Enable IPsec traps
  isakmp       Enable ISAKMP traps traps
  isdn         Enable SNMP isdn traps
  mpls         Enable SNMP MPLS traps
  msdp         Enable SNMP MSDP traps
  pim          Enable SNMP PIM traps
  pppoe        Enable SNMP pppoe traps
  rsvp         Enable RSVP flow change traps
  rtr          Enable SNMP Response Time Reporter traps
  snmp         Enable SNMP traps
  srp          Enable SRP protocol traps
  stun         Enable SNMP STUN traps
  syslog       Enable SNMP syslog traps
  tty          Enable TCP connection traps
  voice        Enable SNMP voice traps
  vsimaster    Allow SNMP vsimaster traps
  xgcp         Enable XGCP protocol traps

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Subject: RE: generating SNMP traps to graph the VIP processes of 7500

snmp-server enable traps cpu threshold

this might be the one


  From:  "Vishal Patel" <vpatel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  Subject:  generating SNMP traps to graph the VIP processes of 7500
  Date:  Tue, 15 Aug 2006 09:42:41 +1000
  Hi all,

  We can see the process of VIP's CPU

  by issuing " sh controllers vip X proc cpu"

  But it there a  way we can graph this in MRTG ?



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