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Re: QoS on Frame Relay Circuits posted 08/12/2006
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this is the story.
When you use the frame-relay class command you need to
enable  frame-relay traffic-shaping, which will
automatically set CIR for all *pvcs* on the interface
to 56k.
If what you want to do is only prioritize your traffic
out of the interfce, then just use the priority/custom
queuing command on the interface.

But remember, this configuration is on a per interface
bases. If you want to enable queuing on a perVC bases
then you must have a map-class and you must enable
frame-relay traffic shaping,
or you need a service policy matching for the fr-dlci


--- "Moin, Imran" <imoin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Folks,
> When applying Priority Queue and Custome Queue on FR
> circuits, you have
> the option of applying them directly on the serial
> interface or applying
> them as part of FR map-class and then applying the
> map-class on the
> interface.
> I was wondering if there are any merits/demerits of
> one approach over
> the other. What is expected in the CCIE lab?
> Thanks,
> Imran Moin
> Senior Network Engineer
> Virtela Communications
> Voice:  +1 720-475-4170
> Fax: +1 720-475-4171
> Email: imoin@xxxxxxxxxxx
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