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trunk allowed vs pruning posted 08/11/2006
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Hi all,

I keep confusing myself and need some clarification.

What's the relationship between "vtp pruning" and "switchport trunk allowed"?

In one of the workbook labs, one of the tasks states:
1. although it does not have it locally assigned ensure that SW1 receives traffic for vlan 8 over Fast0/13
2. traffic for vlan 8 should not be received over any of the other trunk links.

(The two switches are trunked together on Fast0/13-15 using dot1q.)

So my thinking is to do "switchport trunk allowed vlan 8" on fast0/13 and to not allow it on 14 & 15.

But the solution says the answer is "switchport trunk pruning vlan 2-7,9-1001".

How does this solution solve either of the two tasks?

Please advise,