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Re: pix 506, 506E, or 520 posted 08/11/2006
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pix 506 does not do trunking and does not support more than 3 interfaces.
other than that, 506 can do everything else for the lab blue print

On 8/11/06, marc fernandez <mag08036@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Still trying to decide on the pix for my lab. As I am
> seeing these choices available, will there be any
> problem using a pix 520 on my lab for practice and
> will it support the same os on the lab? With an
> unrestricted license. Will I be able to do most of the
> scenarios on the security blue prin? Should I just go
> with the 506 or 506E? Are there crutial differences?
> Your help is appreciated.
> -marc
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