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ODR and Loopback interfaces posted 08/03/2006
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I am running ODR in my lab between 2 routers.  The hub router is
configured with "router ODR" and the spoke router has IP routing
disabled.  I also have a loopback interface configured on the router.
The problem that I am having is that as long as the loopback interface
is up, the router tries to route all packets via the loopback.  However,
when I shut the loopback, all routing works as expected.  From running
debugs, it looks like the RIB is automatically forwarding all packets to
any available loopback address first.  Does anyone know how I can stop
this while still keeping the loopback active?


Vince Mashburn

Voice / Data Engineer


CCVP, CCNP, CCDA,Network +

Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist

Cisco IP Telephony Operations Specialist