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OSPF nssa and default route?? posted 08/01/2006
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Hello all!

I configured the "totally nssa" in ospf. I configured "area 25 nssa no-summary" on the ASBR. Now all routers in the nssa have the default OSPF IA route to this ASBR router.

1. What does "default-information-originate" do and when it can be usefull??
What would add such sommand: area 25 nssa default-information-originate no-summary. Nothing is added. Ther routers in the NSSA still have just the default IA routes... hmm..

2. Is it possible to add the default route to the external ASes to router in the NSSA. Now they have just IA default route, so they can access all OSPF Areas but not EIGRP and RIP.. If yes how can I do this??


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