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Re: IRDP in CCIE Lab & Real world use posted 08/01/2006
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Hi Group,

Thanks you for the quick replies.

As I understand "ip gdp irdp" is used to make the CISCO router as a
Client when IP routung is disabled.

Whereas, "ip irdp" announce the router as a Gateway to clients. The
options under this command help us to specify the preference, timers
etc and only this command is sufficient.

Can you all pls confirm that my understanding is correct above?

I am trying to lab this up soon.


On 8/1/06, Ivan <ivan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
3) When enable ip irdp on LAN interface router will send ICMP-broadcast to the
LAN advertising myself or proxy addres. Windows-host has built in client. To
compatible SunOS need to use "multicast" keyword. This force send advertiment
to instead broadcast.

2) Parameter priority used to define prefer gateway if receved number

> Hi Group,
> When we configure a CISCO router to announce itself as a Default
> gateway via IRDP, I think all we need is to configure "ip irdp"
> (minimum) under the LAN interface. Here I believe router acts as a
> server.
> 1. Is the IRDP client/server architecture?
> 2. Is this a dynamic way to tell the clients compared to static ways
> like HSRP/VVRP?
> 2. How do the Clients (Windows, Linux etc) learn this gateway?
> Thanks
> Mathew
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