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Display NAME issue between AVAYa and a nortel Merdian through CISCO gateway(2610XM) posted 03/28/2006
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I need your input for a "starnge" problem that i am


i have 2 H323 gateways:

1. cisco 2610XM
2. AVYA IP call Center

the cisco 2610XM has a PRI toward the PBX(nortel
Merdian), it is working !!!!!!

When i am dialing from one phone to the another phone,
all i am seeing is the Caller Number NOT the name:

I did a debug ISDN q931 int the 2610XM:
AND i saw:

a packet coming from the AVAYA has a field called
DISPLAY IE with the NAME of the caller,

But the PBX is not getting it.


DO you know another way to send the display name????


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