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Re: bgp client-to-client reflection posted 03/27/2006
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I believe the intent here is that the RR would reflect
routes from routers that are not RR-clients to the
RR-clients.  All other routes from the RR-clients
would not be reflected.

In this scenario the RR-clients would not have to peer
with the RR's non-RR-client peers.  But, they would
have full mesh peering with each other for redundancy.

I guess I could see some cases where this might make
sense depending on the physical topology of the


--- Nick Griffin <ngriffin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Call me ignorant, but I'm having trouble thinking of
> a situation in 
> which this command would be of value. Obviously
> there's a scenario when 
> this is needed or it wouldn't be an option. I must
> be misunderstanding, 
> because if I have RR clients that are fully meshed,
> then whats the point 
> of making them RR clients?
> Thoughts apprecitated
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Brent Foster

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