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Re: How I learned to stop worrying and love the LAB posted 03/26/2006
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Good, plan, agree! But rather complex and one has to spend quite a time memorizing it unless it is something very natural to ones mind - to think in dimension 4 or greater... :-)

Really, I would love following it if Petr could cut it down to 1/3. I can say that after 2-3 lab attempts one has something similar in mind, my problem those times was in lack of paying attention on small and easy tasks which might make damage when done wrong in big numbers.

My strong support is for colour pencils, found it very helpful. Also found helpful using separate diagrams for L2/L3 + IGP, BGP, IPv6, Multicast. Too much diagramming is not necessary IMO.

Better try your technique on sample labs before the real one.

Very good to mark and follow your progress. I found helpful the following table

Switching 1 2 3 4 5 6
IGP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
EGP 1 2 3 4
with points as sub-numbers for each section, then taking sections in green circles, putting "?" etc

It proved to be good to finish Switching+IGP+BGP before lunch and reload the routers.

But all this stuff will never be better than your own experience... just keep things simple, don't get nuts and all will be well. :-)


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This is a great list! I just wonder if I could keep cool for more than one hour without starting typing anything. I know that success is carefully planning and I think that your approach could be valuable. On the other hand maybe there could be too many steps to follow before starting and this could lead to a little confusion.I just skimmed the text rapidly, did you mention aliases?

I would be curious to hear from someone who has already taken the lab (successfully or not) how they feel about this.

I really have to thank you for this list that can be used for home labs too.


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