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RE: Cisco IOS messages in Cisco Doc CD posted 03/26/2006
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Its good to know the error messages so when you debug output, you can
isolate the problem quicker.  I like to be able to reference that stuff
quickly so its good to know how to look for it quickly.  I am one to
think the search tool was beneficial if you filtered some hits out.
Just my thought on the matter,

 Faryar Zabihi  

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Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 12:01 PM
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Subject: Cisco IOS messages in Cisco Doc CD

everyone says that's important to know well the doc cd and I think it's
undoubtfully true. Do you think it's important to get used to recognize
and find in the doc cd's IOS messages section, I would say error
messages, that the IOS gives us? Would it help in some way
troubleshooting a problem or is it better to focus only on the command
reference and configuration guides in order to avoid confusion?

Thank you!

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