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RE: IPSEC on the R&S Lab posted 03/25/2006
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You won't see IPSec on the R&S lab but you can expect it on the Security

That said, you should know how to set up gre tunnels.

HTH, Tim

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the best way to know for sure is to ask ccie@xxxxxxxxx
which ios will be used in the lab.  then look up the
feature at

this is what i did a couple of years ago and i was
able to find out the answer to this exact question.


--- Nick Griffin <ngriffin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Good question. I've seen some labs mention "vpn
> tunnel" refering to GRE, 
> however I've also seen some IPSEC configurations in
> some vendors labs. 
> It's definitely not one of the hotter topics on the
> list.
> Mike Baily wrote:
> >Does anyone know if IPSEC has been taken off the
> Lab this year?  I was under the impression that it
> had and it is not listed on the blueprint, but
> someone I know who is also studying told me it had
> not been taken off.
> >   
> >  Anyone know for sure?  Thanks
> >
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