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RE: Backup interface posted 03/23/2006
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In ospf you can manipulate the ip ospf cost under the inteface.

An example below (my apologies if this drifts towards being OT, but it will
bring relevance to the COST issue.)

For instance you have a PPP link in parallel with a frame circuit between R1
and R2, and we will assume many other links in the OSPF domain. If both
circuits are in Area 0 then you can just manipulate cost accordingly.  If
you are having to use multiple areas, for example the frame circuit is area
0, and the ppp link is area 12. You can manipulate the COST parameters so
the frame circuit is used. And if there is a failure of the FR circuit then
the ppp cirucit will be used as. Don't forget about your pesky virtual-link
to keep area 0 contigous if there is a FR failure.



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without using the backup interface command... forget about the "no" on the
previous post!

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