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RE: OT - How do you download a 34 MB image in rommon mode? posted 03/22/2006
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Get a TFTP server that won't quit... STOP using Xmodem, waste of your
3com made one that works very well... Heard pumpkin works, not sure
though never tried

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Subject: OT - How do you download a 34 MB image in rommon mode?

Hey group,

I have a Cisco 3845 and the IOS image in flash is either corrupted or
has a bug so the router is contiuosly reloading itself.
I tried downloading a new image using TFTP in rommon mode but
unfortuantely it keeps timing out. For some reason TFTP cannot handle
large file transfers.

Is there another way I can download a new image? Right now I am using
XMODEM and its probably going to take 13 hours to finish.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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