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RE: Way OT: Making a laptop into a DVR posted 03/18/2006
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Thanks, Emil.

But I was looking for something to capture voice, not video.

And, hopefully, much less expensive.

A Shareware program if one exists.


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From: Emil Patel [mailto:emilpatel@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2006 4:50 PM
To: 'Tim'; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Way OT: Making a laptop into a DVR

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From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Tim
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2006 4:10 PM
To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Way OT: Making a laptop into a DVR

Hi guys,


Has anyone used software on their laptop that allows it to record hours of
audio in a classroom setting?


What software did you use?  How well did it work out?  How was the sound
quality when played back?


I was thinking about buying a Digital Voice Recorded when it suddenly
occurred to me that if I have the right software, my laptop could be my DVR.


Also, can someone recommend a good low cost mic?  


Also, if I find software that does this sort of thing, how much will it
matter where the mic is relative to the speaker?  For good results, do I
need to be in the front row?


Thanks.  I know this is way OT but I also know that there must be a few
people on GS that have experience with this.



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