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RE: Any predictions for the next CCIE lab update? posted 03/17/2006
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I would more likely see the trend continue the way it has...  Return to the
basics.  Aren't there enough difficult topics/scenarios to fill your head
for a while?  ;)  I think there will be a good push toward scenarios
involving some of the basics that take a more serious look at the ability to
really understand HOW they work rather than a collection of funky stuff....
Perhaps that's just my thought though.  But short of configuring VRF-Lite,
what's the point in putting MPLS on the Enterprise-focussed CCIE track?
Other than a select few very large enterprises, the MPLS core structure
evades the knowledge/need of most enterprises.
Wireless would be an interesting addition, but difficult to test from a lab
scenario.  Also keep in mind that the CCIE lab is not a standalone building.
There are working environments so bleeding dysfunctional RF into the
wireless spectrum when working AP's are nearby is likely not a wise idea.
Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, JNCIE
#153, CISSP, et al.
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Subject: Re: Any predictions for the next CCIE lab update?

I mean broader scope topics like Wireless or MPLS.

On 3/17/06, David Lee <a07146@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Most likely 3750 swithes to replace 3550 since 3750
support IPv6.

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> The Magic 8-Ball says the outlook is cloudy.
> ;)
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> Subject: Any predictions for the next CCIE lab 
> update?
> Hello Group,
> I was wondering if anyone had any predictions or
> insider secrets as to what
> new topics will appear on the next revision of the
> CCIE R+S Lab? 
> Also when do you think the new lab will come out?
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