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Re: Any predictions for the next CCIE lab update? posted 03/17/2006
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I am guessing they will be adding in topics relating to
Juniper routers :)   Aside from that I would suspect they
will focus on topics and features
that are added as each new revision of software comes out.
I.E. from 12.2 to 12.3 and 12.3 to 12.4...

Always interesting to see what new bells and whisltes are
added to the IOS and subsequently over time to the exam. As
for when I would speculate
changes are the works right now and will show up any day

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> Hello Group,
> I was wondering if anyone had any predictions or insider
> secrets as to what new topics will appear on the next
> revision of the CCIE R+S Lab?
> Also when do you think the new lab will come out?

Ian Stong
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