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Redistribution Golden rules - sanity check posted 03/16/2006
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trying to iron out redistribution and here are my
thoughts. Would appreciate any inputs.

1-The golden cmd for redistribution and to avoid any
problems is the cmd:
 distance xxx acl

This cmd is specially applicable to RIP.

2- When ever you are doing High-AD >> Low-AD
redistribution be cautious- specially when there are
two or more point of redistribution.
 e.g Rip>>OSPF , EigrpExt>>Rip

3- if you do not want to use the cmd in option-1 then
on any router that has 2 or more IGP redistributing in
each other make their AD equal. This will not get you
optimal routing but routing stabilty

4-if re-injection of routes are to be avoided (breaks
redundancy) then use Route-Tags.

5-putting ospf in bgp- use match internal/external

6-you can not set AD of eigrp-EXT routes using option
1 cmd. you have to set all the eigrp-EXT to the same

7-use ospf p2p network on loopback so that it does not
generate /32. this may result in suboptimal routing.
same is the case with ospf-p2m

Inputs are encouraged.


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