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RE: Long overdue THANKs to ALL posted 03/15/2006
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Subject: RE: Long overdue THANKs to ALL


I passed my lab back on the 17th February in Brussels and still can't
believe that I passed :-)))

My wife, without whose understanding and patience, none of this would
have possible. Niki had to put up will all my late nights, weekends on
the PC, this I am use many of you can relate to :-). There are many
people I have met on my journey, Pritpal, Neil, Ajaz, Nadeem, Mustaq
and many more. I realise that passing the lab is a TEAM effort without
study partners you are at a serious disadvantage. This is why this
group is so important, as some I have met from this group and others I
know personally  without both, I can confidently say I would not have

With this in mind, everyone will have his or her own smaller study
group, with whom they study on a day today basis  this is crucial in
passing. From my experience the other KEY FACTOR in passing was using
IE. I am sure that the other vendors provide just as good products  I
used IE, so I can only comment on them.

The Lab day itself was a bizarre day, I could not sleep the night
before, must have only got about 2 hours proper sleep. However, in the
morning I was fine not tired at all. I think it's very important to
have a good breakfast, as this is probably the only time you can eat.
At lunchtime I could not eat a thing was to busy thinking about what I
needed to do when I got back into the lab. The walk to the lab gave me
time to go though my GAMEPLAN.

The next 8/9 hours was just a blur, but I do remember a lot or crying
and laughing at times :-) The lab itself was an amazing experience,
win, loose or draw  you learn so much! Even to attempt the lab is an
achievement itself.

Now the worst part, the walk back to the hotel, ride to the airport,
flight home, ride home. All this time I was thinking did I do this
right, what about that, perhaps I should have done this. I know that
there is nothing I could do at that point, but you just can't help it.
On leaving the LAB I was told by the proctor, who was very very
helpful and made the whole day that bit easier to take in, that we
should have our results that evening or tomorrow morning.

So I got home checked my e-mail's  nothing. From then on I must have
checked every 10 mins, still nothing. Thought I would try and sleep,
must have checked about 4/5 time through the night. The next morning
still nothing!! That weekend I also had to go away so I did not have
internet access. So I asked my Brother to check, who also pointed out
to me that the whole CCIE login results system on CCO was down for
maintenance that weekend!!!!!!! Could not believe it, that was the
longest weekend in my life! Monday morning I got a call early in the
morning from my brother who was on-line 24/7 checking my status. I
heard those magical words "you have passed"  I was speechless, I ran
to my PC to check and then I saw the screenyou are certified

I am still in a state of amazement; I can't believe I have passed. I
still logon to check to see if my status is still the same :-)

I am humbled by this whole experience and indebt to GOD, to this group
and all that have helped me on this path.


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