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closer admin distance warning message? posted 03/14/2006
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Hello Guys

I was playing a while with redistribution, and I had this message, when the debug ip routing was turn on

*Mar 1 01:44:50.952: RT: add via, ospf metric [110/20]
*Mar 1 01:44:50.952: RT: NET-RED
*Mar 1 01:44:50.952: RT: NET-RED queued, Queue size 14

*Mar 1 01:44:50.980: RT: closer admin distance for, flushing 1 routes
*Mar 1 01:44:50.980: RT: NET-RED
*Mar 1 01:44:50.980: RT: NET-RED queued, Queue size 2
*Mar 1 01:44:50.980: RT: add via, eigrp metric [90/2738176]

Ok I think that I understand the situation, that's ok for now, but now I have this other similar output from a Loopback,
that I stop redistributing it and configured to be announce as an internal EIGRP route

*Mar 1 01:46:54.495: RT: del via, ospf metric [110/20] *Mar 1 01:46:54.495: RT: delete subnet route to *Mar 1 01:46:54.495: RT: NET-RED *Mar 1 01:46:54.495: RT: NET-RED queued, Queue size 1 *Mar 1 01:46:54.495: RT: delete network route to *Mar 1 01:46:54.499: RT: NET-RED *Mar 1 01:46:54.499: RT: NET-RED queued, Queue size 2

*Mar 1 01:46:55.761: RT: add via, eigrp metric [90/181760]
*Mar 1 01:46:55.761: RT: NET-RED
*Mar 1 01:46:55.761: RT: NET-RED queued, Queue size 1

The question is way in the last output I did not have a RT: closer admin distance for ( if the AD was change in the way?

Is there any thing special about the output of closer admin warning??