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Re: change in the CCIE lab exam environment... search is gone----that is not right. posted 03/12/2006
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My $.02 - This should have always been the policy.

The search engine, though useful at times, also gave a false sense of security   to many - I know I personally though it would "get me by". After my NP/DP and a few years of support using the search engine, which *usually* guided me to a solution I thought...

I am glad they have "officially" removed it. 

At the end of the day (depending on your timezome)
Know the material or know where to find it.

I heard back in the day, before my first attempt, before I knew GS existed, I had heard that there were actual books in the lab - My first attempt I looked over on the shelf and sure enough there were "some books". I asked the proctor if they were available for our use during the lab; He just smiled and said;

"Yes, but if you haven't read THOSE books yet you might want to turn around and leave now." 

I smiled and replied - "Thanx, now I won't feel so bad when I fail!".
And I did :)

>>> "Joshua Lauer" <jslauer@xxxxxxxxxxx> 03/12/06 5:28 PM >>>
I totally agree with you,

I never use the search function, I think it slows 
you down actually. There is no faster way to find 
the info than just knowing where it's at.

I printed out the entire doc cd (12.2, 12.3 and 
12.4) and arranged it into 3 ring binders. Then I 
went through each and every page...tedius, but I 
found it's really the best way to learn.

Joshua Lauer

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Lanny Ballard" <lanny26ga@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 5:22 PM
Subject: Re: change in the CCIE lab exam 
environment... search is gone----that is not right.

> I, for one, personally think this is a good 
> policy.  One of the biggest mistakes I see, is 
> candidates not knowing the documentation cd 
> backwards and forwards because they think they 
> will be able to search out the answer.  My advice 
> to anyone taking the lab exam is to know the 
> documentation cd thoroughly.  I personally went 
> over it 3 full times (the configuration guides), 
> and I believe this is one of the primary reasons I 
> finally passed.  I know it takes away an option, 
> but in this case it is an option that may lure 
> unthinking candidates into a false sense of 
> security
> My $.02
> Lanny
>>From: "Joshua Lauer" <jslauer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Reply-To: "Joshua Lauer" <jslauer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>To: "I will Be a CCIE" <1willbeaccie@xxxxxxxxx>, 
>>Subject: Re: change in the CCIE lab exam 
>>environment... search is   gone----that is not 
>>Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:07:10 -0500
>>It's not all that horrible,
>>just takes away one of the options you have. The 
>>other option you have is to learn the 
>>documentation. If you follow the blueprint in your 
>>studies you'll find you have little need for the 
>>search engine and it's really not a big deal. The 
>>test is about knowing the options, they just took 
>>away one is all.
>>Joshua Lauer
>>----- Original Message ----- From: "I will Be a 
>>CCIE" <1willbeaccie@xxxxxxxxx>
>>To: <ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 9:00 AM
>>Subject: change in the CCIE lab exam 
>>environment... search is gone----that is not 
>>>I think this is BS!!!!! I am not happy about 
>>>Dear CCIE Candidate,
>>>We want to make you aware of a change in the CCIE 
>>>lab exam environment.
>>>While access to Cisco product documentation will 
>>>still be available during
>>>the lab exam at the Documentation Website 
>>>(UniversCD) at
>>>candidates will no longer be
>>>able to use the search function on that site. 
>>>The search has been disabled
>>>due to a change in the way product documentation 
>>>is maintained at Cisco.
>>>Instead, candidates should be prepared to use the 
>>>drop-down index to
>>>navigate the Documentation Website (UniversCD).
>>>You may want to spend more time becoming familiar 
>>>with the index and
>>>practicing how to quickly locate relevant 
>>>information.  If you would like to
>>>reschedule your lab date to give yourself more 
>>>time to practice using the
>>>documentation, please remember our cancellation 
>>>policy:  Changes to CCIE lab
>>>exam dates or locations must be made at least 28 
>>>days before your scheduled
>>>date, to let us schedule other candidates for 
>>>that seat.  The last day to
>>>make a change is called your lab exam due date 
>>>and it can be found by
>>>logging into the CCIE database at
>>>and checking
>>>your Certification Status.  There you can also 
>>>easily reschedule your exam
>>>Please remember that no changes are allowed after 
>>>the lab exam due date.  If
>>>you do not show up on the day of your exam you 
>>>will not be eligible for a
>>>If you have further questions or need assistance, 
>>>please contact CCIE
>>>customer support at ccie@xxxxxxxxxx
>>>Subscription information may be found at:
>>Subscription information may be found at: 
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