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Policy based routing in partially-meshed FR/OSPF network posted 03/12/2006
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I have the following hub and spoke FR network:

                                       /         \
                   dlci 102/201 /             \  dlci 302/203
                                    /                \
                                R1                  R3

With ospf network type configured as non-broadcast and manually configuring
R2 as DR and R1/R3 as neighbors, I am able to bring the OSPF adjacencies up.
I'm using a /24 subnet so R3 shows up as directly connected to R1. Now when
I try to ping R3 from R1, it fails because there is no direct connectivity
between R1 and R3.  Other than policy-based routing (making R2 as next-hop),
is there an another way of make R1 and R3 reachable to each other?

Appreciate your help.