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Re: GOOD NEWS FROM DUBAI !!!! CCIE #15891 posted 03/09/2006
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Congratulations Anwar. If you can recall that I was there too : ) I am the
one who arrived an hour late there : ( Guess what??

Happened to be my first attempt though :p.. For this great forum I think it
would be too hard to mention so many names... Thank you everyone who has
participated in making this challenge possible for others...

Groupstudy rocks!!!

Best regards,

Ahmed Shams
CCIE 15896

On 3/7/06, Anwar Chalamannil <anwar.chalamannil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Group !!
> Thank God Finally I also got the number !!  15891
> After 14 months of continious struggle I could also join the elite club!!
> Thanks for evrybody ( Paul ,B&B,Chris ( I will call him as my Qos
> Guru),Scott ,etc )  for supporting me to acheive this goal.
> Regards
> Anwar
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