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Re: NTP Query posted 03/08/2006
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Are you using any authentication. I faced the same issue when I was using
authentication between NTP master and the client and the way I verified it
by removing the NTP Trusted-key and placing it back.

Check this out. It has good pretty good information.


On 3/8/06, Subhash P <subhashccie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I do have a scenario with a router as ntp master set with local time.
> All the clients configured to have this router as their ntp server got
> their
> time synchronized with this ntp master.
> Everything working fine.
> But when I change the time on this ntp server(router configured as the ntp
> master),  its not getting synchronized on the ntp clients. Even the clock
> on
> the master also shows unsynchronized.
> Even I have given ntp update-calender on ntp master router, but it doesn't
> help.
> Can anyone who has done such scenario help me out?
> Regards,
> Subhash.
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