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Re: To route or not to route..... posted 03/01/2006
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Hi Leigh,
We have here Close to 20 Cat 3750's in each Metro ring. All the L3 trffic is
terminated on Cisco 7600's at the root of the Ring.
Even in this SP Metro network it will take less than 100 ms to re-converge
the spanning tree.
We are running RSTP here.
So I donot see any reason why you should not do it on L2, specialy in your
If you still wants to use L3, then you can use L3/L2 core.

That is Route all the vlans in L3 from 3750 , but GK VLAN you can
terminate directly on Cat 6500 which is for 2 gatekeepers.


On 3/1/06, Leigh Harrison <ccileigh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> All,
> I'm currently working on a design for a customer.  Straight forward
> design with Access and a Core.  3750's in the access layer and a 6513 in
> the core (yes there is only 1, but the customer already has it, it has
> dual sup cards and dual power supplies...) the 3750's are in stacks and
> there is dual gig links back to the core.
> I was at a Cisco seminar recently where Cisco said that the best
> practice is to route, rather than use spanning tree and switch,
> essentially turn off spanning tree.  I'm quite happy to run either way,
> but I do have a question:-
> We are running VoIP on the network and there is call recording software
> going in.  This needs to have the ports of the gatekeepers span'd to it
> so that it can do the recording.  If I'm routing my network, what are
> the options for accomplishing this if my gatekeepers are not connected
> to the same switch?
> I presume that someone out there has run into a similar issue, so any
> insight would be greatly appreciated.
> Best Regards
> LH
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