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QoS/Class MAP posted 03/01/2006
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I have a router with 2 FastEthernet Interfaces
F0/0 & F0/1.

F0/0 is directly connected with some other router.
F0/1 is subdidided in to 2 more Sub interface

F0/1.1---- connected with R5.
F0/1.2---- Connected with R6

Now i need to make a class-map so that all the traffic that comes on the 
F0/1.1 or all the traffic comming from R5 should be limited to 2Mb.

and the policy-map i can only apply to the F0/0 ( as this is the part of the Question which i can't change).

Now there is a option with the class-map that is 

match input-interface
so if i use this option i can simply select the input interface as F0/1.1
the problem is when i see the running config i see
 CLASS-MAP match-all From_R5
match input-interface FastEthernet0/1------> instead if FastEthernet0/1.1

So any idea about this problem or is there any other way to solve this proble,.