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Re: OT: 4506 problem posted 02/23/2006
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What do you get from a 'show vlan brief'? Do you see all of the vlans you are expecting? If you have ports assigned to a vlan that doesn't exist on the switch they'll be isolated. You can confirm this with a 'show interface status' and see if the ports are 'inactive'.

From experience with the 4000/4500 platform you might also check the
supervisor card. If you have a spare you might try swapping it out. I ran into an issue at my office 2 years ago where we had 3 supervisor failures in less than 9 months. In all cases IOS didn't report / log ANYTHING, traffic just stopped being forwarded properly. In our case we were on a sup3/4006 platform. Good luck!

Jeremy O'Dette
CCIE #14973

From: James Ventre <messageboard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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To: roy bustos <roybustos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: OT: 4506 problem
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 11:46:30 -0500

Well, a VTP problem may not be too far off since you're mixing and matching versions - which isn't supported in the same domain:

"VTP version 1 and VTP version 2 are not interoperable on switches in the same VTP domain."


roy bustos wrote:
Hi Guys!

I've got a switching problem which has been brought to me, and was wondering
if you guys could provide some insight...

I've got this network with 3 switches, the hub is a 6509 and the spokes are
4506s anyways, there is one 4506 that suddenly stopped working for 40
minutes. I've checked everything in it and even opened up a Cisco case about
it. Cisco and I found no problem, it wasn't a spanning tree issue or
anything, and I checked the logs and had nothing in it, the trunks were
running fine. I'm suspecting that it was a VTP issue since even nodes within
the switch that have static IPs were unable to contact each other, so it may
have lost VLAN information, but then nothing in the log points to that. The
6509 runs as a VTP sever and the spokes run as VTP clients. I came from
environments that ran all switches in transparent mode.
We are running VTP version 1 at the server and version 2 at the spokes.


Roy Bustos

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