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RE: ADV to null0 posted 02/21/2006
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I don't believe that RIP will send a default route if there isn't a default
route in the routing table. This is the reason for the null0 route, create a
default route to Null0 the redistribute that, then longer prefix takes over
once the packet hits the router.


Ice Fire
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Subject: ADV to null0

Please if someone can explain the config  below.

router rip
redistribute ospf 1 metric 5 route-map NOADV
route-map NOADV deny 10
match int null0
route-map NOADV permit 20

The requirment is to only send one route to RIP domain from OSPF , which 
contains sevral routes from other Protocols.
Is not the best way to orignate default route instead?

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