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RE: Register message source Ip address? posted 01/23/2006
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I was wondering that... I'll do some testing tomorrow.

The thing is that "unarmed eyes"  may think that the router itself who
is generating the messages is the DR for the RP segment too.

Thank you. If anybody can confirm this...

Gustavo Novais


From: Bob Sinclair [mailto:bsinclair@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: segunda-feira, 23 de Janeiro de 2006 18:52
To: Gustavo Novais; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Register message source Ip address?


Interesting question.  I do not see the specific answer in Williamson or
in the PIM-SM RFC 2362.  By experiment: I am seeing the outgoing
interface as the source ip in the register packet (the interface closest
to the RP), not the ip address connected to the multicast server.


Bob Sinclair
CCIE #10427, CCSI 30427

	----- Original Message -----

	From: Gustavo Novais <mailto:gustavo.novais@xxxxxxxxxxx>

	To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

	Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 1:03 PM

	Subject: Register message source Ip address?

	Hi guys,

	I have one doubt concerning PIM sparse mode and source

	Imagine that we have two routers  (7600) in order to provide
	in all the segments that they are connected.

	We have a multicast source on vlan 20 and a third router acting
as RP on
	vlan 899. The DR router for vlan 20 will be responsible for
	the register messages towards the RP while the RP itself does
not join a
	SPT to the source.

	What will be the IP address on the Register messages sent by the
DR of
	vlan 20? Will it be the nearest IP to the RP (i.e. vlan 899 IP)
or the
	IP of the interface nearest to the source (to which the router
	actually the DR)?

	I have no lab to try this out at the moment...

	Any thoughts?


	Gustavo Novais

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